Establishing a Money-Making Proxy Website

Just what is a Proxy website A proxy website enables individuals to get sites which are usually blocked by work or school blockers. These are used by middle school and high school pupils on school computers. These websites don’t need any actual upkeep that’s why they’re popular and are very simple to run.

The very first thing you’ll have to do is if you don’t already have one to get a Google AdSense account. It’s this that brings in the revenue out of your proxy website will come from.

You may have to get a domain name to your web site, after you signed up for the account. This can be the url individuals will type into get your website.

You’ll need a hosting company, and this can be the point where the merely expense that is necessary is. A website hosting service is a form that enables organizations and people to supply their own web site accessible via the web. Many results will be brought up by a Google search. One found that had the most affordable proxy hosting at just $3 a month. After you purchase a hosting account, learn what the nameservers of the host are called. It is possible to usually find these in an e-mail the hosting services normally send for you when you sign up. You filed your domain name after you locate the nameservers, log into the site. Unlock your domain name, and upgrade the nameservers to those supplied by your host. You have your hosting will want an additional matter and set up.

The final thing in creating a proxy website that you’ll need is going to be a template.

You’ll now need find your file server and to sign into your hosting account. Once that is found by you, you’ll subsequently have to locate a folder titled people_html. Get that folder, and copy all the files and folders onto there. Next thing you should do is edit the config file with the one supplied by Google and replace pub, or the publisher id -id under the public_html folder and save the changes. As you’ll be able to see, it is possible to edit the text and pictures in your page by editing the files that are different within the public_html folder. Your web site has become all set up!

Advertising a proxy website is mostly done using just 3 processes, which are Yahoo Groups, and Proxy Directories, Proxy Topsites.

There is a proxy directory just a huge index. I wouldn’t propose submitting to your proxy web directory which requires a link back to their own website in your proxy page, if you would like your page to appear clean and uncluttered as possible.

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