4 Tips to Prepare For The IAS Examination

A right preparatory path is required to ensure success in the IAS exam. For this, you need to get enrolled in any of the reputed coaching centers that have established a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence in the toughest competitive exam in the country. The expert teaching faculty at these centers follows the roadmap of effective learning and thus imbibes in students the key skills and knowledge required to clear the IAS exam.

To get started with your IAS preparation, you must follow four essential tips that will keep your IAS preparation streamlined -

1.Prepare Smartly -The IAS exam is structured in such a way that unless you study thoroughly, you cannot attain success. Hence, in the context of IAS preparation, you are required to study for 10 hours or more that would include reading and understanding of topics from different books and notes, revision of topics studied earlier, etc. Also to pass the exam with a good score, you need to prepare for IAS smartly. You should be flexible, do experiments rather than stick with the familiar and plan ahead accordingly.

2.Follow Just in Time (JIT) Approach -You must gather information only when required at the moment. As there is a plenty of information available around the world, so if you seek to gather all information and knowledge before initiating a task, you can never get started as you will get perplexed in the huge information system. So, when preparing for IAS exam, do not try to cover all the books recommended by your coaching center on a given topic. Rather, you can simply go through the yearbook along with the daily newspaper that will surely develop your knowledge base.

3.Keep Accessing your Knowledge - By following the just in time approach, you can evaluate yourself. After finishing a particular section in a topic, you can simply test yourself by taking mock tests on a daily basis instead of waiting for the last few days. For that, you can refer the previous year's question papers or get enrolled in the good test series to know the latest pattern of questions. By adopting the JIT approach, you exactly know where you stand, which topics are covered well and require more consideration.

4.Make Micro Notes - Making small notes during the preparation helps a lot when fewer days are left for the IAS exam. Notes basically help you in revising all the major topics quickly in a timely manner.

Conclusion -

To clear the IAS exam in just a few attempts, you are only required to follow the above-mentioned tips that will definitely help you in guiding on how to prepare for IAS exam. However, by getting enrolled in these coaching centers, the expert educators will not only strive hard to make you an effective member of a knowledgeable community in a cost-effective way but also provide several ways to prepare for IAS.

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