NCAA March Madness Betting

There are a lot of factors why people go mad, some go mad with the shopping sprees while others go mad when didn't get any sleep but most importantly almost everyone goes mad when the month of march is looming. You may wonder why, well it's not in the air but there is great news that comes when March is here and people are gaga over March Madness Betting.

For basketball enthusiasts and gamblers, March Madness Betting can be quite a phenomenon that rattles and takes hold the sanity of these people from the first week of March through the first week of April. Moreover March Madness Betting is one of the most lucrative way of gambling and most of all it is one hell-of-a-fun experience!

The number of teams to participate in the NCAA March Madness jumps from 64 to 68. Usually the teams vying for the top spot are around 65.

The tournament expanded to 68 teams, the final four at-large teams and the final four automatic qualifiers will then play in the "First Four" round in order to move forward into the traditional 64-team bracket. Back when the teams are only 65, the 65th and 64th team would be the first to battle it out for the 64th place, it all depends on the seeded teams to begin with.

The best way to experience Betting this year is to try it an online sports book. You will definitely experience the best thrills when betting and being in the game. Also, betting at an online sports book will be more profitable for you than the office pool or with your friends. A good sports book online will run a series of Betting promos such as Bracket pick contests, Selection Sunday Props and deposit bonuses for players that would like to bet throughout the whole tournament. The most amazing, online March Madness Betting can win you a lot more since some "perfect bracket" contents offer prizes in excess of $1 million dollars, a truly life changing win right?

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